Thursday, February 11, 2010

Journalistic employment

I used to be an intern and freelancer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalism is a noble profession, and requires two sets of skills: the ability to write and the ability to report. I began with a passion for the former, but came to understand that good reporting precedes good writing. I sometimes miss working at a newspaper. There were the deadlines, letters from readers, a beat to write, and the struggle to secure an income. It was a great experience. I wrote about the history of jukeboxes, the nightlife of Pittsburgh, a folk singer, a glam rocker, a rapper, Chuck Klosterman and Def Leppard.

After my internship there, I interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, where I met a lot of my friends in New York. I didn’t get to write at all, which was not surprising, but I did a lot of the grunt work.

Currently I’m going back to school for something within the medical field, but I will still write, perhaps short stories. I’ll post a few of them on here if I can.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

connecticut skiing

I grew up skiing Hidden Valley and Seven Springs in Western Pennsylvania. Then I lived four years in Colorado, skiing all over, including Vail, Steamboat and Aspen. I ski instructed kids aged 5 and younger at Eldora Mountain resort. Currently, I live in Connecticut, and the only two places to ski are Mt. Southington and Mohawk mountain, which I have a season pass for. I don't know that many good places to ski up here, aside from the drive up to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Tremblant. Those are pretty far away. I live near the border of Connecticut and New York off of Route 84. I heard of Catamount and Hunter Mountain, but haven't been to those places yet. I'm looking for places that have decent mogul runs. If anyone who reads this has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.