Thursday, February 11, 2010

Journalistic employment

I used to be an intern and freelancer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Journalism is a noble profession, and requires two sets of skills: the ability to write and the ability to report. I began with a passion for the former, but came to understand that good reporting precedes good writing. I sometimes miss working at a newspaper. There were the deadlines, letters from readers, a beat to write, and the struggle to secure an income. It was a great experience. I wrote about the history of jukeboxes, the nightlife of Pittsburgh, a folk singer, a glam rocker, a rapper, Chuck Klosterman and Def Leppard.

After my internship there, I interned at Rolling Stone Magazine, where I met a lot of my friends in New York. I didn’t get to write at all, which was not surprising, but I did a lot of the grunt work.

Currently I’m going back to school for something within the medical field, but I will still write, perhaps short stories. I’ll post a few of them on here if I can.

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